lost contact devlog 5

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lost contact devlog 5

Welcome to devlog 5 of lost contact, a narrative-driven, hidden object game about loneliness.

The most interesting bit that I worked on this week was the drive system. The game starts with a task to fix the communication array, and to do so a bunch of drives need to be replaced. So you can insert new drives, see the replacement progress on a monitor, and press a button to reboot the comms array.

I mostly worked on getting the game ready for our first playtest. A bunch of smaller things were done. There’s now…

  • …a system for placing UI in world space,
  • …a simple opening cinematic,
  • …visual feedback when a door cannot be opened,
  • …performance improvements to the brush script,
  • …input passthrough for UI so the popups don’t block drag events,
  • …additional clutter,
  • …and a simple script to hide walls when they are in the way.

Anyway, pretty short update for this week. Happy new year to my patrons, thank you so much for your support again. If you aren’t a patron, I hope you’ll consider joining my Discord server and I’ll see you in the next devlog.

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