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A mystery puzzle game about special agents who work for a cold-case detective unit in a secret government agency called the Reykvald Intelligence Agency. Scientists working for the RIA discover a new procedure that will give their detectives a superhuman ability - telepathy. This new technology is called Access, as it allows their agents to access information that other people in their immediate vicinity know. However, the ability is somewhat limited. Agents can only access one type of information and can't tell who originally believed it

This prototype was made at the Electronic Game Developer Society (EGaDS) Narrative Game Jam in March 2015 in 24 hours. From August 2017 to August 2021, I worked on making a full-fledged version of this game which was eventually cancelled and has i decided not to release. You can read the retrospective for that on my Patreon page here.


access-1.0.zip 190 MB

Install instructions

  • You need to click to proceed past the title drop screens 
  • Once you decide to arrest someone, the story will go to the end and you will no longer be allowed to explore. Make sure you have the right person before you arrest them!

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