Gender Dysphoria v1.1 released

One change and few bug fixes have been made as part of preparing the game for submission to IGF 2022.


  • Removed mandatory pauses except for the first one at the beginning of the game. These pauses were intended to help define the pacing of the dialog, but since these block player input and there is also no cue or feedback for them, they just feel like lag.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a mismatch between the copy and voice acting in the Pro Bono 5 scene.
  • Fixed incorrect branching in the Phone 2 scene that prevented a branch of dialog from being reachable.
  • Fixed a branching issue in Pro Bono 5 which sometimes resulted in confusing dialog where the game says the clerk is about to speak, but then the clerk doesn’t.

Also, version 1.0 was skipped because that’s what version 0.9 was supposed to be. I just forgot to change the major version number on account of the major update that happened in version 0.9.


Linux64 v1.2.tar.gz 105 MB
Oct 12, 2021
OSX v1.2.tar.gz 101 MB
Oct 12, 2021
Web Play in browser
Oct 12, 2021
Windows 32bit 89 MB
Oct 12, 2021
Windows 64bit 91 MB
Oct 12, 2021

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