Gender Dysphoria v1.2 released

This game has been released on Steam! A few changes have been made for the Steam release.


  • Gamepad support.
  • A new command-line flag --enable-all-accessibility which enables all accessibility options.


  • Unskippable wait times during the disclaimer screens have been reduced to 3 seconds each.
  • Ambience used in the Networking arcs contained a copyrighted track and has been replaced.
  • The input prompt now reads “Press button to continue…” instead of “Press enter or click to continue…” so that it makes more sense when playing with a gamepad.
  • Updated the exodrifter branding.


gender-dysphoria-linux64-v1.2.tar.gz 95 MB
Apr 08, 2023
gender-dysphoria-osx-v1.2.tar.gz 105 MB
Apr 08, 2023 Play in browser
Apr 08, 2023 95 MB
Apr 08, 2023 92 MB
Apr 08, 2023

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